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If you consider yourself to be a professional writer than you should look like one. You need to show individuals what you have accomplished. The best way to do this is to put together a writing portfolio for yourself. You have to be able to coordinate all of your great works and present them in a moment’s notice.

Start off by getting hold of everything that you have completed. This includes anything that has been publicized in print or on the Net. Remember to copy down anything that you have written for ads, websites, newsletters, and pamphlets. You could even include things that you have done in school.

When you are taking something that is from print make sure that it is taken directly from the magazine or you take the entire newsletter. Tape or glue these small pieces to a piece of card stock. Beneath it list your publishing name and the date it was published. These will help to show people how often you have written and found work.

Every printed piece needs to have a quality photo copy. You should keep the real piece in your more permanent portfolio and the copies are able to be mailed off or left with the person who is interviewing you. Make sure that you send them the articles that will pertain to the job that you want.

Now you are ready to organize your samples and set them into the writing portfolio. Put them in the order of importance or in varying categories. Make sure that you write down your full resume in there too and any business cards. Before each interview you must look it over and make a point that you have everything you need. You never want to show up to an interview unprepared and without the necessary credentials.

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