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Fishing is a popular pursuit for many individuals. One of the most difficult kind is ice fishing. This is common for people in the north. It lets them to get off to the middle of nowhere and bond. Before you venture on your journey you should gather the essential provisions to make the trip a success.

First you need to pack the right clothes. Dress in ice fishing clothes which normally includes; long sleeved shirt, thermal jacket, socks, thermal gloves, and thick boots. Wear as many layers as you think you will need. When packing your bag make a point that you bring a fishing line and pole, bait bucket, ice auger, bait, lures, work bench, towel, depth finder, food, and water.

Before you leave call ahead and ask what the ice is like. You don’t want to go walking out on the frozen water if it is not thick enough to support your weight. It should be at least 4 inches thick. The depth of the snow does not count in this.

Try to look for an ice shanty that is close to others who are fishing. Locals will have an easier time understanding where the fish will ordinarily bite. Dig a hole in the ice using your auger and skim off the majority of the ice chips and remnants.

Utilize a dip net when you bait your line so that your hands will not touch the water. Now weight your line so that you will be able to reach the fish near the bottom of the lake. The water in a frozen lake will be warmer and you will find the majority of the fish. Now you will wait for them to bite and be grateful that you have friends to keep you company and ice fishing clothes to keep you warm.

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