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Solar electric fences are frequently used by farmers who need to keep their animals from straying off their land. Regrettably these can cost a good deal of money that the farmer may not have readily available. Find Out how you can build your own electric fence without spending as much money.

First you need to pick out a fencing system that will work for the land you are building it on and the reason you are making it. It is important to think about the animals that you are attempting to corral and whether or not this is a temporary or lasting thing.

Once you have this you have to buy a solar fence charger and any other accessories that it comes with. Try to ask the clerks at the farm store for information on what the best system is to utilize.

Now you are ready to begin building the fence. Begin at the end and corner posts and stretch a string in between all of them. This will be used as a mark where the line posts will be built. Make sure to extend the wire or mesh round the border and then link the insulators and tensioners.

Now mount the charger to one end of the fence. It is more dependable if you place it on a building or wooden post where it is able to take in direct sunlight. Produce a ground bed close to the charger. Do this by digging a shallow hole and drive in the amount of ground rods that is necessary for the installation of the system. Connect the negative ground lead to the ground rods and the positive to its respective mate.

Allow the charger to remain in the sun for a whole day before you attempt to turn it on. When the time has passed check the voltage linked to the fence utilizing a tester. Remember to put on the necessary safety gear when you put the solar electric fence´╗┐ together and test it.

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