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Different people score different types and kinds of skins, so there are different kinds of prescriptions for each of your skin problems. This particular prescription drug may work perfectly for you but it might not for your sister or best friend. In using drugs as acne remedies, you should always consider the effect it has on other parts of the body. Because of this conclusion, we can say that natural acne remedies might be better than medical prescriptions. Every family has their own secret or ingredients in making natural acne remedy. But there are several popular recipes that are shared by a lot of people around the world.

Acne remedies that you can make or do on your own are listed below. These natural remedies are proven to be much safer and at times, even more effective than scientific remedies.

  1. Try to have a regular intake of vitamins like Vitamin A and niacin. These vitamins should be taken with proper dosage, this will undoubtedly improve your acne condition.
  2. Zinc has also been medically proved that it is one of the acne remedies. Just like vitamin A, these natural ingredients are available in drug stores and supermarkets. When these materials are used, you will see results in just within the month or even sooner.
  3. Grind an orange pee into a water mixture and apply it directly on the areas wherein the acne can be seen. You can also consider lemon juice as a substitute.
  4. Garlic is also known to be very successful in remedying acnes. Garlic smell though can be really disturbing, especially when you rub it in on the affected ace areas, several times a day. Ingest in everyday so that you will achieve desired results.
  5. Just like face masks, cucumber is also a very effective and useful acne remedy known. All you have to do is rub grated cucumber all over your face, eyes and neck. This will undoubtedly help you remove and prevent acne.

You can also resort to medical treatment as acne remedies. But it in doing so, it is always best to consult your dermatologist to ensure that you choose the right creams or medicine. You should know that there are four types of acne medicine: tropical antimicrobials, which are prescribed to treat mild and severe acne cases; tropical retinoids, which are derivatives of vitamin A; oral antibiotics, which are necessary for severe acne cases; and oral contraceptives, which are mostly used to achieve long-time prevention of acnes for many women.

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