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Exhaust fans are a type of appliance utilized to draw out moisture and air from a room utilizing a reverse fan. In order for the unit to be used properly it must be vented to the exhaust. If not then all it is able to do is draw in the moisture and press it into other parts of the house. With the correct ventilation system you will alter its course and force it outdoors where it belongs.

First you need to run your way into the roof crawl space that is above the bathroom. If that doesn’t work attempt to unscrew the exhaust from the ceiling and allow it to hang down hanging by the wire connectors. Measure the hole size in a circular pattern and purchase an aluminum coil dryer hose and two c-clamps that are slightly bigger.

Set the c-clamp onto the hose and link it to the exhaust hole. Make a point that you tighten the hose utilizing a c-clamp screw. Glance inside at the hole in the ceiling and find the nearest outside wall. Measure the wall’s height from the outside. Now add six inches to this measurement so that you are able to set 2×4’s into the rafters.

Drill a hole into the siding three inches above the mark you utilized for the wall height plus the six inches. Use a pencil to indicate the size of the new hose and where it needs to go. Now insert an electric vertical saw in the drilled hole and cut in a circle pattern.

Reach in the hole and take the vent hose, pulling it a few inches through. Place the c-clamp on the hose and connect it to the outside exhaust fan vent hole. Fasten this and then utilize the exterior silicon caulk around the hold and siding on the back of the vent. Thrust the hose in so that it is level against the wall.

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