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Medicaid is a state program that is used to help individuals who are not able to afford insurance out of pocket. In some states they have specifically designed it for single parents, children, and pregnant women. When a pregnant woman is allowed to utilize Medicaid they will not need to pay for prenatal or post natal care. It is crucial to think about how to apply and if you qualify for this.

The first thing you will have to do is call the Human Resources Department or Social Services in your city. It is significant that you tell them just why you are calling. Most offices will demand that you make an appointment and to see them in person. They will need to ask you a few questions about the pregnancy and your financial situation.

Before you go you need to offer them proof that you are pregnant and your financial records. If you cannot afford a visit a doctor than go to the Health Department. Other paperwork that you have to include are; proof of residence, social security, driver’s license, and the amount of individuals living in the home with you.

It is better to be fifteen minutes early to the appointment. If you are late this will reflect poorly on you and they may wait days or weeks before they reschedule. Together you and the employee will go over the paperwork. In most cases they will be able to give you an answer right away.

From there they will explain to you what the Medicaid services offer. Everything that you need for the baby will be covered. Any doctor’s visits and the final hospital bill will also be addressed. Some states will also provide insurance your child for one year. At the end of this year make a point you re-apply or the baby will be dropped from the plan.

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