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Pilates is a kind of exercise that individuals will use in order to produce controlled movements with their bodies and to tone the muscles. There are two methods in which you will have the ability to practice this exercise. The first is to use nothing but your own physical strength and muscles in moves and positions that you have never tried in the past. The second is to utilize a special machine that will serve to give you a more difficult workout.


The reformer is a Pilates machine that is designed with a platform that is connected to the bottom of several springs. These springs will give you resistance – which will help to tone your muscles and the abdominal core.

Lie flat on your back and put your feet along the foot bar. Ensure that the knees are bent at 90 degrees. Exhale when you extend your legs to move the platform outwards and inhale as you curve the knees.


Sit down with the spine in a neutral position and with your body facing to the roll down bar. The hands should be holding firmly onto the roll down bar and your feet need to be a foot apart. Pull in the abdominal muscles tightly when you roll back to the bench. Make sure to move slowly and to roll a single vertebrae at one given time.

When your body in aligned with the bench you need to breathe in. Give yourself one to two seconds of rest before breathing in and doing more reps. Pull yourself up to the roll down bar slowly. When you roll up make sure to exhale with your abdominal muscles pulled in tightly.


Stand on the Wunda Pilates machine with the right foot put on the corner base of the chair. Curve the left knee and put the left foot on the pedal and push it down. When the pedal is depressed, raise it utilizing your left leg.

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