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Cellular phones, it seems that everyone has them. Both young and old individuals trust on these to connect with their friends and keep up with everything that is going on in their lives. They have become such a hot and popular commodity that landlines are all but outdated in most people’s houses.

One of the worst disadvantages to using these is that they may cost you twice as much as a landline or more. Most families will buy one for each person in the family. This means that you need to pya for enough minutes for everyone to utilize, text messages, and any minutes that your children go over. Many parents have been scared to get as high as an $800 bill!

Instead of giving your yakking teenagers a cellular phone under your plan why not purchase them a pre-paid phone? These are basic and will commonly allow pictures and minimal internet access. In order to utilize them you need to buy a particular card that can add a certain measure of minutes.

When those minutes are used up the phone is no longer able to be utilized until more minutes have been bought. These are ideal for teenagers who don’t know how to respect what may be a rather large bill or for adults who do not have the right credit or the money to pay for what might be an expensive plan.

These pay as you go cell phones have the ability to be purchased at any wall-mart, target, or other supermarkets. Buy one for your teen with a few set of minutes on it. Tell them that they cannot go past these minutes at all during the month or else they should just be cut off. If they want more than have them purchase it with their money.

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