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Basements are one of the coldest rooms inside of the house because of how dark and damp they are. They take in almost no sunlight and all of the cold air that collects will seep into the home upstairs. This may cause your bills to increase around the winter months and make it nearly impossible to do things in the basement.

The greatest way to save yourself a bit of money and to make it easy to utilize all through the year is to put in basement insulating material. There are a couple of various kinds to choose from. Each one will vary in price and the method that it is set up.


This is a large blanket of insulation that is attached to a sheet of paper. These have been cut at widths and are situated in between wall studs. It is simpler to purchase ones that are precut because it will save you the time of doing it on your own. This is best used in new basements or for when you should exchange old insulation.

Foam Board

These are thick, fixed panels of foam that have been cut in order to fit in between each of the wall studs. This is one of the simplest to put in. It does not need to be stapled to the studs while being unwound but will adhere to it. The great thing about this, is it does not have little specks of fiberglass that may fall off when using it. This will make using it safe. This will have the ability to be utilized in preexisting walls and new walls.

Concrete Block

This is utilized for new basements. It is set up by putting down a block where the cells have been filled with insulating material. Homeowners can simply fill the blocks with the basement insulation´╗┐ or can buy foam inserts.

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