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A stair lift is a movable chair that sits on a track. The track leads from the bottom of a stairway to the top. There are two kinds of lifts; curved and straight. The straight lift is utilized on straight stairways. It is the easiest to install and the most affordable out of everything. The curved lifts fit around stairways that turn and twist. These need to be custom built and are consequently impossible to buy used.

Before you purchase one of these units you have to consider the distinct models available and the features that they have to offer. You want to get something that is going to be simple to put in, easy to utilize, and safe for anyone to utilize it.


The chair is the main element of the entire unit. It should be large enough – but not so large that no one has room to walk up and down the stairs. It also needs to be comfy and simple to get in and out of. Get one that is built with armrests that will provide you with support.


There are several mechanical pieces to think about – but we are just going to concentrate on the more essential. The model needs to have an easy ride up and down. When it stops it must be done in a smooth way. Make sure that it has both manual and automatic brakes. Sensors can be developed round the chair and will be able to stop it when they detect that something is blocking its way.


Last but not least you need the safety features. Several brands like Ameriglide Lifts´╗┐ will provide each unit with a seat belt. In numerous cases this will be offered for free unlike the bulk of other features that you might request to have.

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