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Lice are a type of insect that are tiny – but can still be seen with the naked eye. They have a flat body and are host specific. This implies that when they acquire an animal to hold on to they will normally not let go unless forced to. It is not unheard of for them to live their whole life cycle on a single pet. There are more than 3,000 species of lice that can be either chewing or sucking.

Though they are normally seen in pets it is not unheard of for the owners or anybody that comes into contact with an infested pet to have them too. This creates an unhappy household and it may take nearly a month to get rid of them from everybody and everything.

The most common sign to look for is a scruffy and dry coat of hair on your cat. Certain cats will itch at all times and will attempt to relieve this by scratching or biting themselves. This will cause irritated skin and hair loss. The best way to affirm your suspicions is to look close at the hair and observe the nits.

If your indoor cat is invaded it is normal to think that your house and your family have also been infested. Check everyone’s hair and search for the nits and lice connected to the hair shaft and on the roots. The easiest way to handle them is to buy special treatment kits. There are some made for pets and other kinds for humans.

Though lice are able to live a long time when attached to their host once they are taken away they will die rapidly. Make a point to treat your cat and everybody infested for at least a month. Also make a point to thoroughly clean the house at all times to remove any hint of them.

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