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Ferrari is possibly one of the most common supercar automaker. For generations they have designed cars that are incredibly fast and luxurious and overpriced. Few have had the joy of sitting behind the wheel of one let alone even setting a finger on it. From the Fiorana to the F50 they have made a name that is as fixing as the hot red color that covers it.

In 2010 the auto manufacturer made the decision to change things a bit and make a plunge that few would ever dare. From this the 2010 Ferrari California was born. When designing the California, they chose to ditch the hot rod red that they are most famous for and instead picked out a more subtle blue color. The color suit’s the vehicle well – but it is what is under the hood that we are most concerned with.

This model was built to be bigger and more powerful than the 599 GTB. Yet, despite all that power it falls just short of the F430 which is able to push out an extra 30 HP. The direct injected engine was used in order to promote the fuel economy and make it more appealing to clients who are not inclined to shell out hundreds of dollars in gas each month. Thanks to this new alteration the car has only 8,000 rpm.

The California is a convertible and was therefore produced with an automatic hardtop roof that will open and close by pushing a button. Although the car maker claims the roof is lighter than the material that is normally used, we can’t help but disagree.

This is by far the least muscled car that Ferrari has ever designed. It may not fall short of all our hopes for it – but it is nothing when compared to the early models that made the automaker so renowned.

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