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It seems that no matter how much we try and how long we clean the floors in our house incessantly stay filthy. The floors are one of the most difficult part of the home to keep clean – specially if you have a large family or pets. There are tips and things that you will have the ability to do – which may make things a little simpler for you.


When cleaning hardwood floors or kitchen floors you must seek to sweep them every day. At night right before bed take the broom and quickly sweep away the dirt or crumbs left during the day. A broom will work well on these floors – but I prefer to use the swiffer.


On your carpets you need to vacuum them every day or every other day. The good thing about these are that any debris in them cannot be seen right away. However, you have to be more particular about stains. Attempt to run the vacuum over it every night before you go to bed.

Removing Stains

The best way to get rid of stains is to clean them as soon as they occur. Utilize a heavy duty stain remover and spray it at once to the stain. Allow it to sink in for a few minutes and then utilize a rag and lightly scrub the area. Do not force the stain back into the carpet. When using the rag you will desire to pull at it. Run over the stain with the vacuum cleaner to dry the region and remove the rest of it.

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are great to use on hardwood floors and will offer a much deeper cleaning than sweeping. It is easiest to do this once or twice a week. It will assist to get rid of any food stains and to keep the floor looking like new.

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