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Venetian blinds are a stylish window treatment. They are good at keeping the sunshine out of the room, offering you the privacy you wish, and giving your home a look you can love. The one thing they cannot do is fight off dust that will fall on it each week. The good thing is that there are many things you are able to do to help to keep them clean and looking great.

You should start by opening the blinds completely and taking them down from the window. It is too tricky to clean them while they are still attached because they might fall down or you might not get everything cleaned off. Set them within the bathtub or in a kid’s plastic pool.

Fill the tub with three quarters of lukewarm water or just covering the top of the blinds. Now add a gallon of white vinegar and mix it together using your hands. The vinegar will help to corrode all of the grime that has situated itself on the blinds – but will not damage them.

You have to let them soak until the dirt has come off. Occasionally stir the water to assist to loose the dirt and keep it from reattaching. Once they are ready you will empty the water and rinse them and the tub using cold water. It is easier to use a shower head attachment if you have one.

Place the blinds on a big, clean towel outside to dry off in the sun. If it is too cold then utilize the towel to pat them dry. After this you will need to reconnect them. Ensure to dust the Venetian blinds once every week to prevent the grime from building up again. Try to do this as often as possible and you will save yourself a lot of time.

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