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Tanning beds are competent at giving you a moderate or extremely dark tan depending on what the person likes best. If you are new to this and still considering if this is a process you want to do than you must take the time to study how to use these and what you need to be wary of. I want to begin by saying that these must be used in moderation as they put you at risk for getting skin cancer.

How Dark

The first thing you want to do before you go is determine how dark you wish to be. I don’t urge going too dark because it may look really fake and that should not be your design. Most salons can help you settle on what would look better for you or you will be able to ask your friends.


Anytime you utilize them you have to be wearing the essential protective gear. Dark goggles are the most important. These are used to filter out the light and to keep from damaging your eyes. Ultraviolet rays have the ability to penetrate the eyelids. Utilize lip balm and place plugs inside of your nostrils.

Start Slowly

If you have not utilized it before or have not used it in awhile it is crucial that you start off very slowly. The first few visits should only be three minutes long. This will prevent your skin from getting damaged and allow it to grow accustomed to the heat. Each week you will have the ability to step-up the time until a month later when you are able to go the maximum amount.

Protect The Skin

Make a point to apply sunscreen and tanning lotion before you get in the tanning bed. The majority of salons will sell them and will have vitamins to help make the tan appear more natural. Before you lie down make sure to wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe.

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