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Fundraising activities are commonplace in today’s society – with most organizations holding some sort of fundraiser at least every year. Schools, different organizations, students, teachers, and even famous personalities we know are doing fundraising for the benefit of a certain organization, charity or activity they’re proponents for. While you are thinking of different fundraising ideas to engage in, ponder on these tips that you can carry out and have fun with at the same time.

The most common fundraising idea of all time is selling foods. This is very effective to some because many just love to eat, plus it’s kind of expected. You know, girl scout cookies and doughnuts for example. Plan out the foods you are going to sell and the budgeting, whether you will be the one buying your own recipes and cook it or buy cheap foods in the market and sell it a higher price.

  • Body painting and tattooing – this will also be a big hit because many are also interested in body painting and tattoos.
  • Mini amusement park – with games like shooting hoops, bump cars, and different kiddie rides.
  • Blind dates – invest in a tall, dark, and handsome man with great personality. For sure women of all ages will be piling up even with the older ones.
  • Photo studiowith exciting backgrounds – make a very beautiful studio like garden setting, beach setting, or cityscapes where many families, friends, and lovers will enjoy taking pictures together.
  • Card games like poker and any fun game with cards that you can think of.
  • Old furniture auctions – you can use furniture in your home that you have not used already to be auctioned. Choose furniture that are still in good condition.
  • Dance contest or singing contest, or both. Do not make your registration fee very expensive so many talented individuals can have interest to join.
  • Concerts – also invest in famous bands or artist at the present. It is also good that you can have many genre of music to be played on one concert. If you really in need of big funds and you have enough money for the fundraising, then this is a very good option. Concerts held at evening are the most saleable. Of course, do not forget also to sell some foods while the concert is going on. This will also add extra funds for the group.

Ideas for a neat, fun fund-raising activity does not need to be that costly, you just need to think outside the box a bit. You can have fundraising ideas that will not even cost you even a single dollar. Remember that you are making the activity for the purpose of getting money for a good cause. You should plan carefully on the different fundraising activities before deciding on pursuing them.

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