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Many of us do what we can to keep our homes as clean as possible. One quiet problem that appears to sneak up on numerous of us is mold. It is not unusual for houses to have this growing within different rooms or also below the house. This is a unsafe substance to have around because it is able to pollute things we own and induce serious health problems.

It is important to determine how to distinguish and search out for mold in your household. Some of us will discover distinct signs but will not believe that it can be mold. The most evident sign to look for is an peculiar smell. Anyone who has an allergy will easily be able to smell it and it will make their allergy worse. The second they step into an tainted room they will smell it and the reaction will come about.

If you live in a rather wet climate and your house or basement is known to flood at least one time during the year than there is a great chance you have mold. At times this has the ability to cause allergies in people who have never before had problems from them before. This could explain any sneezing, runny nose, and coughing you have been having.

Any leaks in your sink or other wet areas need to be inspected for it. This is a breeding ground for things like this and when left to thrive it can seep into the walls. Any leaks have to be fixed instantly to avoid a potentially high-priced reconstruction.

Basement are the toughest and most weakened places affected because they have little to no ventilation. Look around for any black, green, or white mold ´╗┐or see if you notice any smell of it. Ensure to have it ventilated as soon as you have removed it all.

One Response to “Does Your Home Have Mold”

  1. Naomi, I live in a home with at least 3 asthmatics and we are always on the lookout for mold. We have had our run ins with it in the past but have yet to figure out an effective way to get rid of it. Of course chemicals will only make matters worse for my family members with the asthma, so we can’t really fight it with that. Lately, we have been using Damp Rid to at least take humidity out of the air. As a concerned father I am always worried with my kids because doctor visits can be expensive, both financially and time wise. Any tips for us? Thank you.

    Posted by: Kevin J. Timothy on on May 4th, 2010 at 10:32 pm.