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Did you realize that many homes are being invaded not by men who are disguised in black masks – but as common individuals? Individuals are being warned about opening their doors and inviting door to door salesman or other types of random individuals into their household. Just by only opening the door you have given them the entrance they require to get into your household.

When we hear the ring of the bell or the knock at the door our first instinct is to open it in order to notice who it may be. This is the biggest error you could make. Rather than openly inviting trouble into your household be reasonable and identify who is at the doorway. If you have one – look through the eyehole – and seek to get a good look of the individual standing just outside.

Keep in mind though that looking at them is not adequate. If they say they are a pizza delivery boy than have them show you the pizza. If you did not order pizza than make them leave – but do not open the door. If they say they are a cop than ask to see their badge and look for their patrol car outside.

I know that the individuals on the other side of the door will believe this is odd – but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you are taking the measures essential to keeping your house safe. Make sure that your younger kids know not to open the door and the older children understand how to safely answer doors when they are by themselves or even if you are in the home.

With these safety precautions you will be able to keep your children and yourself safe from harm. Don’t let your family be another statistic that people talk about and learn about.

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