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“Leaves of three let them be.” This is a popular saying that serves us to identify the infamous poison ivy plant. Still, we know there are times when we forget and unknowingly come into contact with the urushiol oil that dwells beneath the surface. It is important to understand what must be done to treat it if this should ever happen over again.


Most of us will reach for the poison ivy creams. These are made of particular ingredients that assist to comfort the itching and will help the dead skin cells to drop quickly. When they do the rash will be able to leave and make room for the new skin to grow. There are many brands and forms of creams to choose from – but the most ordinary is calamine lotion.


There are particular cases in which the individual is so impacted by the urushiol oil that the rash will have covered a large region and is so red and wrapped in blisters that they require the attention of medical help. When this comes about the doctor will usually give them a kind of oral steroid that will be more potent and efficient at getting rid of the dead skin cells.

Home Remedies

If you are somebody who is suspicious about trying anything with chemicals or ingredients that you don’t recognize and are not able to sound out than you may be more interested in trying a poison ivy remedy. The most average of these is rubbing alcohol. This will help to dry out the skin and help to comfort the itching. Careful though because it will hurt at first. There are special plants – like jewelweed – that are used to mend certain rashes including one caused by the poison ivy plant.

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