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Inflatable bouncers are a good thing to use when you are throwing a birthday party for your child. Youngsters enjoy being able to bounce around all day long in a large area and with other kids to do it with them. Renting out one of these is easy – but numerous people will not take the needed steps to keep the youngsters safe when using them.

As fun as these are – when they are not utilized properly they can be a hazard. It is critical to understand the necessary safety guidelines to abide by. In doing this you will prevent any accident and make it more pleasant for all the kids there.

Right Installation

It is important to make sure that you have set up these properly. If you are renting them than the company should provide you with somebody who will set it up for you. When doing it yourself make sure you have laid down a tarp beneath it. This will prevent rocks, sticks, and other debris from puncturing it. Also look to see that it has been staked into the ground properly and is not likely to fall over.

Is It Working Properly?

Keep somebody close to the inflatable bouncer throughout the day to be sure that it is still working properly. See if it looks like some air has been released from it? Has the blower stopped functioning? The less air there is for the kids the more likely they are to hit the ground.

Play With Safety

Only a distinct quantity of youngsters should be on it at one given time. The number of kids will be dependent on the size that you are utilizing. This is one of the more important inflatable bouncer safety rules to follow. Also make sure that children of the same age and size are playing together. Having smaller youngsters with bigger ones can result in them being trampled.

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