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It is important to know how to store your boat so that when you are not utilizing it or when it is winter it will not become damaged in anyway. Before you do put it away you need to have it serviced. Take it your mechanic and have them look it over to notice if there are problems with it.

Fill up the gas and make a point to add some fuel additive. By doing this you will help to prevent any fuel oxidation or erosion from happening. If you plan on storing it for long periods of time than take away any cushions, liquids, fishing items, gizmos, or other things that are not made into the boat.

Leave the compartments open so that they are able to air out and prevent anything from growing inside if they become wet. Fully charge anything on board before disconnecting them. You will also need to drain the water from the bilge region and also the lines. Be sure that the drain plug is kept out.

Wash every part of your boat as well as the carpets. Wax the exterior of it and make it looking like new. By doing this you will help to prevent the boat from erroding. Do not forget to lubricate the engine, shaft, winch, and underneath the cowl.

When you are completed with this you can keep it in a large shed on your property or cover it with a tight fitting boat cover. For easy storage during the season that you are incessantly utilizing it all you need is an air arch boom tent. This will allow you to keep it in the water but shelter from the weather. Each of these are simple to use and are able to be bought at your local sport or fishing store.

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