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A sinus infection – also well-known as sinusitis – is a medical condition where the nasal passages are inflamed. This will cause headaches and pressure in the nose, eyes, side of the head, and in the cheeks. Other symptoms will be a fever, cough, nasal congestion, nasal secretion, and horrible bad breath.

There are some that will go through acute sinusitis. This will take place after a viral infection in the upper respiratory tract has occurred and become harder by pollutants and allergens. These things will induce the condition by damaging the cells that make up the lining on the sinuses, thus inducing the beginning of the inflammation.

In response the lining will begin to thicken and will obstruct the passages that unite it to the sinuses. This will keep the bacteria from being released from the body and instead it will multiply and continue to invade the body. Fungi is also a popular substance that will cause this condition. This is more ordinary in people with a weak immune system that is unable to properly fight it.

There are numerous ways in which somebody can treat this. The first thing to do is to remove the obstacle and help the passages to drain. Drinking loads of water and tea and inhaling steam will soften the blockage and help to remove the bacteria. Some individuals will also utilize sinus irrigation if they believe it will help.

If the problem has worsened despite your endeavors to fight it off than you will need to seek medical assistance. The doctor will be able to examine the problem and prescribe you the essential antibiotic drugs necessary to kill the bacteria. Treating sinus infections is not constantly an easy process – specially for those with vulnerable immune systems. For this problem you must seek aid from your doctor first.

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