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A solar electric fence is a wire fence that is meant to be utilized to prevent cows and other kinds of farm animal from drifting off someone’s land or being stolen. The minute an animal or person touches the fence they will get an electric shock. Though this is not painful or harm them at all it does send them a message that they should not be anywhere near it.

The bulk of farmers will make sure to keep the farm animals enclosed by these fences when they are within a field or some other type of enclosure for a short period. The fence is designed with a single strand of wire that goes along the entire perimeter of the fence. The wire has been insulated and kept apart from the support of the metal stakes that keep the fence in the ground by utilizing ceramic, rubber, or glass.

To keep the wire from losing its charge it is kept apart from things that have the ability to drain the charge into the earth. If it came into contact with anything but the terminal would make it inefficient at keeping the farm animals confined.

On either side of the wire is a terminal that connects it to the electric fence charge generator. This goes live once the fence is turned on. There is yet another terminal on the generator that is connected to the metal ground rod that has been placed four feet into the dirt.

On the surface of the charger is a solar panel. It is mounted in an area that will help it to get the most amount of sunshine during the day. The battery will be totally expelled and than recharged when the solar electric fence is all set to be used and to work as it should.

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