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When you are taking your newborn to your home from the hospital you should understand how to place them safely inside the car seat and the proper way to to make sure they are firmly in place. When they are newborns till they are at least twenty pounds and over one years of age infants must ride in a rear facing convertible seat.

Rear Facing Car Seat

There are two types of rear facing seats that you can use.The first type sits on a base – which is fastened into the seat at all times by utilizing the seat belt. When putting the baby into the car you will first place them into the seat and then secure it into the base till snaps into place. The second type has no base and has to be secured through the use of a seat belt. These are not as popular and are more involved.

Secure The Infant

The majority of these car seats will utilize the five point harness. Put the harness over the infant and into the proper slots in order to lock it into place. It is important to make sure that the shoulder pad is over the shoulders and firmly in place – but not too tight. The harness clip should be placed in the middle of their chest. This protects the infant’s chest in the case of an accident. Use the angle indicator to make sure that the seat is at the correct position. This will keep the infant’s head from falling forward.

Additional Information

It is important to make sure that you do not put your child anywhere in the front seat where an air bag is able to be released. The seat needs to utilize a shoulder seatbelt to keep it securely in place and must not use a lap belt. When utilizing an infant sprout cover over it make sure that it is firmly in place and does not have the ability to fall on top of the infant’s face.

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