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Camping is the oldest forms of living and is the greatest way to function together as a family and to bond with each other. Instead of being enclosed by traffic, thousands of people, and tall constructions you are amongst nature itself. Many kids – who are not utilized to this kind of vacation – may be against the thought to begin with. This means that you need to try harder to show how much fun it can be and all the fun that is ready to be had.


During the summer the one thing that children of any age enjoy to do is swim. Try to camp close to a risk-free lake or pond that you all are able to swim in. Some kids enjoy to feel the fish swim around their feet and notice the plants growing in and out of the water. The water is fresh and more pleasant to swim in than chlorine.

Identify That Bird

Take along bird books, field glasses, notepads, and coloring pencils. Have pictures of the various birds that you know for sure are in the region and challenge your kids to find them. Take thirty minutes to look for them or perhaps tell them to keep an eye out during the time you are hiking. Give a prize to the child that finds the most. Also they can color the birds that they have found.

Camp Songs

At night time it’s time to play the most popular and desired children’s camping game – camp songs. Have everyone sit around the campfire with their snacks and select a song they want to sing. Make things more fun and unique by telling everybody in the group to sing just one word that comes into their head first. It will be great to discover what new song you come up with.

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