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In case you’ve been wondering where a bonsai tree comes from (or what it is), a bonsai is just a smaller scale version of a tree, and it’s small enough to be planted in a pot. There are many types of trees, shrubs, and plants you can use to make a bonsai. An example is the Japanese maple tree, which would make a beautiful bonsai. You can use the air layering method to cause a branch to produce enough roots to sustain the bonsai after the separation from the tree.

How To Make A Bonasai Tree

  • To start, choose a branch with great-looking shape. Below are steps on how you can create a bonsai tree:
  • Choose the tree species. You have to consider your location, because some will not survive certain weather conditions. There are trees that are fine during the hot weather, but there are also some that need a lot of water. Find out which kind of trees will thrive in your location.
  • Decide on the size of bonsai you want. Bonsai tree sizes may vary from 6 inches to 3 feet tall. Make sure you know what size you want before you go and choose the plant.
  • Choose the plant. Go to a bonsai shop or a nursery where you can take your pick among the available plants and decide which you want for a bonsai. Find out if the plant is healthy through its leaf color. Imagine how the plant would look after it’s pruned before you purchase it and take it home. You have to be sure that the plant looks good when turned into a bonsai.
  • Choose a pot to put the bonsai in. Base the pot size to how big your plant is. Select one that looks nice and will be able to hold enough soil to match the plant’s roots. If the amount of soil is too small, the plant will soon die. Just balance the plant and the pot so it will really look like a small tree. Unless you have a drill that can cut through ceramic, purchase a pot that already has drainage holes.
  • Prune the tree. Prune the tree according to the shape you want. Take the plant from its original pot and wash off the roots. The roots have to be trimmed before it is placed in the pot of soil.
  • Put the tree in the pot. Cover the drainage holes with mesh screens to keep the soil from eroding. Put in the soil, and then put in the plant. Position it the way you want it. Wire the plant’s roots through the drainage holes to keep it secure. Water the new small tree well.

Those are the steps on how you can make your own bonsai tree. Don’t wait anymore! Go out and get the things you need and enjoy making your own miniature tree.

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