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Research show us that when our surroundings are messy our minds are untidy. This will cause an underlying amount of stress that can eventually burst to the top when something finally pushes us over the edge.

The same might be said of our work desk. Trying to work when there are files, folders, and office supplies spread all over the place will merely cause us to become bothered. Instead of staying late each night at work take a Saturday or Sunday to come in after hours. Bring provisions that will serve you to organize everything that is on your desk.

Utilize Space

There are some that have the luxury of working in a comfortable office while the majority of us are offered only a cubicle. No matter what your work area looks like you need enough space that can handle the jobs that you are given. Use what shelves you have to set everything straight. If you do not have enough shelf space than purchase some stand up plastic dividers. These are utilized for holding file folders and papers. Try to label every plastic file divider for all types of paperwork that you will have to deal with.

Out Of The Way

Any office supplies like your stapler or pens need to be kept in the drawers or in a handy cup off to the side. You don’t need these small items getting in your way while you are working. The majority of people will often use their computers anyway so you will not need a pen that often.

Make sure that you personalize your workspace. Use Velcro dots to hang up pictures of your loved one or inspirational mini posters and funny jokes. This will bring you a smile when you are having a really tough day at the office.

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