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There are a great deal of individuals residing in the United States Over half of these individuals are not able to find a job that pays enough to cover the rent and other bills that they have. This leaves them and their children weakened if one or more of them should become sick and need to visit the hospital. Every one of us are all aware of how pricey it might be to get a check up from a doctor or merely to get some medicine.

A visit to the ER without any medication can cost you as high as $1,000. These people cannot pay for health insurance and they most definitely are incapable to pay for a large bill like this out of their pocket and without any assistance at all. Medicaid was made by the Government as a method to help these families and to provide them with assistance for them and their children.

Unfortunately many families are instantly being refused or have been waiting a very long time before their medicaid application is approved. There are some individuals who will scam the U.S. Government and take from it what they think is theirs. Medical fraud is a common method that drains the Government of money and leaves the real families who need it out in the cold.

There are several various ways in which these individuals will incorrectly acquire Medicaid. The most common way is to alter their information and not inform the Government how much they make each year or month. Others will part with or sell their Medicaid card and info to another family who do not require it.

Anybody who has committed medical fraud will be tried and sentenced by both state and federal governments. The federal government might give that person a fine up to $250,000 and the state is able to give them a fine up to $100,000.

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