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A fireplace’s vertical columns and chiseled features offer an added height and presence to any room. If you are fighting the never-ending battle against ash, smoke, coals, and sparks flying from wood burning fireplaces, than take the time and the effort to protect your antique furniture with electric fireplaces. Ashes are hard when it’s on antique furniture, especially because they can cause damage by itself, or cause damage with constant cleaning and dusting.

An electric fireplace is powered by electricity rather than on wood, gas, or an alternative fuel.It’s a clean burning, easy to install and use alternative to other types of fire places. While electricity tends to be more expensive than gas alternatives, it is also more convenient. Whether you choose an antique electric fireplace or an antique electric fireplace insert, the ease of installation and use will surely make the process painless. Using of an electric fireplace is also a popular option because it has all the same safety features as a gas alternative, but without any danger of gas leaks whatsoever. Some people, however, do not prefer to use an electric fireplace because in case of a power outage, it will not function. Also, it is harder to find a model that will mimic the traditional look and feel of a real wood fire using electric inserts. If natural gas and propane options will not work for you or are undesirable for your home, this is an extremely easy way to get your new fireplace or converted fireplace working with no hassle and little time. Push button on and off features or remote controlled make them a great option for people on the go and with little time to hassle with filling propane tanks, chopping or buying wood, or cleaning and maintaining another kind of fireplace.

Going electric is a great alternative if you are looking to buy a new fireplace or convert one you already have in your house using an insert. They will run entirely on electricity and produce no fumes or require no venting. Using electric fire places are a very convenient choice for many people because they do not require any preparation or special installation; a standard household electrical outlet is all that is needed. It’s a great way to combine a traditional, antique look with modern technology.

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