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Chiropractors are a type of doctor that will diagnose and treat health problems that are related to the nervous or musculoskeletal system. It is believed that when the spinal joints are not aligned properly it will cause other health problems in the nervous system. When this happens the person’s health will begin to slowly fail and their immune system will not be able to fight off diseases like it once had.

To become a chiropractor in the United States you must have a two year undergraduate degree and complete ninety credit hours of school. During this time it is recommended that you take Biology, Physics, Psychology, Humanities, Social Studies, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, and English. In the near future some colleges will require a four year degree.

When the two years are finished you will be given the option to continue your schooling and apply to a four year specialized program at a chiropractic school. These programs are very exclusive and will only accept those students that have excellent grades.

During the first two years at this school you will learn the basics. This includes anatomy, physiology, microbiology, pathology, and public health. The last two years in college will require some hands on experience. You will learn how to readjust the spine, how to speak with patients, and lab work. The course work will include neurology, clinical orthopedics, geriatrics, physiotherapy, and nutrition. When you have graduated from college you will be given a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

It is required that you obtain a license in the state that you wish to work in. After you have finished with chiropractic college you must pass an exam through the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners’ test. In some states they will require more testing in order to make sure that you know all of the information. Once you are done you will be ready to find your first job.

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