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Growing up cell phones were bulky and most people would keep them in their cars or use them only for business. Now they are slim and compact and it is hard to find someone who doesn’t own one. They are so popular that many families are removing their land line phone to avoid extra costs.

Having a cell phone is a great convenience for those working moms and dads – but it seems that children as young as ten have one glued to the side of their head at all times. The question that parents have to ask when we see this is, “When is it ok to give your child a cell phone?”

The best time to give your child a phone is when they are an older teenager between the ages of 14 and 15. During this time they are getting more friends and are old enough to be going over their homes without mommy and daddy beside them. By giving them the phone you are giving them a way to call you should anything happen. In short it is a phone for emergencies.

I do not see any reason to give your child a phone when they are younger than 12. They are too young to understand the responsibility they have been given and they should not be going to places like the mall or movie theater without some type of adult supervision. They need to know that phones are not a toy and they have to earn the right and necessity to have one.

Some kids will make personal phone calls using the cell phone rather than the land line for more privacy. To avoid this problem and the $500 bill headed your way it is best to give them a pay as you go cell phone. This will allow you to regulate the minutes they use. Tell them that if they run out of minutes before the end of the month they lose the phone or they can use their allowance to renew the minutes.

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