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Many of us will do what is necessary in order to remove hair from various parts of our body. Some will endure pain through the process of waxing, others will endure impatience through shaving, and a few will go broke through laser hair removal. Why not save yourself a great deal of time and energy and try electrolysis hair removal?

Laser hair removal is viewed as a form of permanent hair removal – but this is incorrect. As efficient as it is electrolysis is the only process that has been approved by the FDA to be used for permanent hair removal. In order to achieve the look that you want you will most likely have to undergo more than one session. This will of course depend on how much hair is in the area and how thick it is.

How It Functions

During this process the esthetician will used an electrode – that is in the shape of a needle – or a metal probe. This probe has the ability to transfer and apply an electric current directly to each hair follicle. The current will be placed on a level that is able to destroy the root immediately and prevent the hair from growing back.

One of the main reasons that a person must undergo more than one session is because of the way that the hair usually grows. Hair will usually grow, rest, and then shed itself. Not all of the hair in one area will be in the same stage so only a portion of it will be removed during each session.

The price of electrolysis will vary depending on what area is being worked on, how much hair there is, and how many sessions you will need. Many medical spas or dermatologists will require a private consultation to inspect the area. They will quote you a price and make sure that you know how many sessions you will need.

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