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Everyone hopes to have a basement in their home so that it will be able to provide them with extra space in their home. Some of us might use this as a place to store all of our Christmas decorations or maybe boxes full of junk that we know we shouldn’t have – but can’t seem to part with.

For some of us it is a good idea to find various ways in which we can change the basement into something more. With the right imagination and a good budget you can be using that room as a spare bedroom, home gym, or the biggest playroom your kids have ever seen.

Home Gym

How many of us have dreamed to create our very own gym in our home. If you have a basement than it would not cost much for you to turn this dream into a reality. You can lay down faux hardwood flooring, place mirrors on all of the walls (or one), and have room enough to place all your equipment around the entire area. Just make sure that you use something or have a window that will help to air out any smells of sweat and hard work.

Game Room

Why not turn your basement into a game room? If you have many children than you can place all of their toys in the basement along with a television. You can have faux hardwood flooring or even thin carpeting that is easy to lay down. They will be able to laugh, play, run, and scream without you being bothered at all.

Spare Bedroom

The most popular basement design that people will choose is the spare bedroom. With the right amount of money you will be able to lay down thick carpeting, paint the walls a neutral and comfortable color, and have room enough to create the right sized bedroom. If you have an unusually large basement than you might be able to add a bathroom onto it if one doesn’t already exist.

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