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When it comes to cattle breeds for showing having a good understanding of what cattle farmers do to produce the best calves can help when raising your own show cow. Cattle farmers spend a good amount of time breeding their own cattle to help make their current herd bigger and also to have the highest quality and healthy calves. Customers and other farmers alike will only want to purchase the finest cattle – so breeding perfect calves is essential to most cattle farmers.

Tip On Breeding Beef Cattle

When breeding you will need to have a good understanding of herd management and cattle genetics. You need to be selective with your own herd. You will need to be able to know the difference between good cattle from those that might have health problems.

Heifers and bulls need to have regular check ups – especially during the time a cow starts to show signs of pregnancy. Having heifers with large pelvises can help your odds of breeding better calves.

If you choose to use a bull for breeding instead of artificially inseminating your heifers make sure that the bull gets regular check ups for STDs and any health problem that might arise. In addition to that get sperm counts and scrotum circumference checks done as well. This will help ensure your heifers will conceive more easily.

Make sure to get the best bull for breeding from the start. Find a bull that is already know for producing good calves. Also finding a bull who’s mother had a large pelvis is helpful. If you don’t have one I would try visiting other cattle farmers to see if they have any for sale.

Lastly and most importantly keeping your herds environment and living areas clean is the best advice for good herd management and cattle breeding.

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