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Fume extraction is a very important part of everyday living from keeping unwanted fumes out of the home from chemicals used for cleaning or odors from cooking and in many industrial work places keeping out unwanted harmful fumes is a major health concern.

Dust And Fume Extraction

In many industrial production plants where there are laser applications being used dust and fume extraction is a daily battle. If a laser is being used without the use of a laser fume extraction system in place – then there are several things that could happen. For instance – the airborne particles could gather and build up on the laser’s optical lenses causes decrease in it’s effectiveness, these particles will always build up up the work station and surrounding areas causing health and work hazards.

Fume Extraction Systems

Some who do not work with laser applications feel they are safe if they use lead free solder and think that they may not need a fume extraction system of any kind. But this is just not the case. Because the lead in many lead soldering alloys isn’t the main problem. But instead it is the fluxes that make the solder reflow are where these harmful fumes come from.

Fume Extraction Equipment

So needless to say if it is in the classroom, warehouse, or kitchen there are many reasons why you will what to make sure you have the right fume extraction equipment installed or in reach to keep away the unwanted health hazards, aggravating smells and airborne dust, and for the employer to away unwanted legal obligations that follow.

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