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What are wood pellets? A wood pellet is a wood fuel made from sawdust. Left over saw dust from sawmilling is gather and made into these pellets that are in turn used for fuel in pellet burning stoves. You may be wondering why you would want a one of these stoves verse a more conventional stove that use a gas type fuel.

There are two main reasons you might want a pellet burning stove verses a gas stove – cost and environmental friendliness. Wood pellets are much cheaper than gas and they are better for the environment. The main issue now is that many people have realized the cost effectiveness of using wood pellets and they have become less available. So many of us have found it easier and cheaper to make our own.

How to make wood pellets? First find wood shaving, chips and or sawdust. Next dry them in a dryer at 600 Fahrenheit – this is to eliminate unwanted moister. After they are dry pass the pieces through a hammer mill – this will make the sawdust, chips, and shaving into a paste like substance. Secondly pass the wood paste through a press machine. This will press the paste through a die with holes casing you to have pellets. Lastly you will need to cool the pellets in a cooler in 5 Fahrenheit.

Where To Find Pellet Burning Stoves?

Now that you know all you need to know about wood pellets. You might want to know where to find pellet burning stoves. Well may have never noticed them before but they can be found at almost any local hardware store, lawn and garden store, or even on the internet.

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