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If you’re looking into have a vasectomy reversal, you may have a few important questions. While I suggest speaking with your urologist or male  infirtility doctor for specifics, there are a few generalized questions that I can answer. These should cover the majority of inquires as to why or how the operation works and whether it may be right for you.

How Much Does Vasectomy Reversal Cost?

Right to the point, I like that. Let’s just jump into it, it’s expensive. In most cases, a simple reversal costs around $10,000 assuming there are no complications. In some cases, a vasoepididymostomy may be in order which will add to the costs considerably. You probably want to speak with your doctor first to determine if it may be more financially responsible to consider IVS (invitro fertilization) – especially if you’re partner is older or may have difficulty getting pregnant herself. Those costs are considerably higher, which is why it’s best to way all of your options.

What Are The Odds Of Having A Successful Reversal?

Quite good in most cases. In fact, for those who have recently (in the past 5 years) had their vasectomy it’s well over 90% – but keep in mind this only encompasses getting the sperm to return to your semen – not successful pregnancies (which is why it’s sometimes recommended to go with IVS instead of getting a reversal). If you’re generally healthy and don’t have any obstruction of the epididymal region, then you’ll probably be good to go.

What To Expect

Aside from a bit more downtime than going through the original vasectomy, the procedure itself is pretty much the reversal (imagine that). Essentially, the tube carrying sperm from your testicles to the vas deferens (semen) must be sewn back together. However, vasectomy reversal is a much more challenging operation and is done with either a Vasovasostomy or Vasoepididymostomy. Reading the previously linked phrases will help you find more details about those subjects.

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