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When looking for a tent for your next camping trip you need to make sure that the one you buy will meet all of the requirements. It needs to be big enough, durable enough, made with the right materials, and in your price range. These are many things to consider – but when you put it all together it will allow you to compare the brands of tents on the market and find the best one for your next trip.


The first thing that I like to compare is the durability of the tent. It is important that if you are going to spend a couple hundred dollars on something that it will last for years and stand up against, snow, wind, rain, and whatever else type of weather it might be used in.

During my search I learned that polyester and nylon are some of the toughest materials that tents are made out of. It is also best to purchase something that has double stitching on the seams. This provides extra strength and prevents it from being able to pull apart or fray easily.


This is one of the key factors that you will be looking for in your next tent. You need to think about who – if any – you will be sharing the tent with. If you are going to have more then four people then you might want to consider a large canvas tent that comes with separate rooms.

If the tent is just for you then comparing one person tents will be an easy job. From this point on you only need to consider how much room is enough for you. Some people prefer the smallest types because they are lightweight and easier to carry around. These are small enough to hold their sleeping bag and possibly their backpack.

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