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A servomechanism is a type of device that is used to control large power outputs through the use of a smaller power input. This will help to maintain and correct the conditions in which the device is able to operate efficiently. This is considered to be a type of feedback control system

The mechanism will monitor the variations in the speed of a motor. When it notices any type of change or alteration it will automatically and quickly return the speed to the correct value. It is not uncommon to find these types of mechanisms in a variety of missiles, airplanes, and types of manufacturing machinery that uses control systems.

There are many different types of these mechanisms – but what makes this type unique is that it is able to control a parameter by controlling the time based derivative of the particular parameter. Most of these are electrical or partially electrically controlled. This allows them to use mechanical force to control types of motors or other devices.

They were first used in military marine navigation equipment. But today they are commonly found in automatic machine tools, remote control airplanes, and satellite tracking antennas. The most common place that we see them being used at are in the cruise control in cars. The servomechanism will moderate the speed that you have set it at automatically.

Anytime that you accelerate, decelerate, or go up and down a hill the car will want to set the speed at its pace. The mechanism will be alerted to the changes and will send power to the cruise control when necessary to ensure that it maintains the proper speed that you set it to. If the cruise control option on your car is not functioning then the first thing you may want to think about repairing is the servomechanism.

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