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Over the last decade many of us have realized that we do not drink as much water as we should everyday. With that being said many of us have set out to not only drink more water but to try to live healthier as well. But as we have taken on a more active life style we find ourselves drinking lots of water and have come to the conclusion that not all water is created equal.

It is no secret anymore that there is definitely a lot out there threatening the cleanliness of our water supply. There are all kinds of contaminates and impurities in out water from lead because of old pipelines to unwanted organic matter that finds its way into are water supply all kinds of different ways.

The big question is – What do I have to do to get some purified water? The answer is simple. With the rise of unclean water awareness through different media and marketing campaigns – many companies out there have developed different ways for you to obtain the cleanest water possible from either buying it in bottles or having it purified right there in your own home or office.

Charcoal Water Filtration

It seems as though the best way to get good clean tasting water is by purifying it at home versus buying bottled water because is way more cost effective. Charcoal water filtration system are usually inexpensive and easy to implement into your home.

How Does A Charcoal Water Purifier Work

First let me tell you how activated charcoal can help you with getting purified water. This charcoal is just like normal charcoal but it has been fused with oxygen. Fusing it with oxygen makes pores in it and these pores simply absorb many of the unwanted impurities out of the water especially carbon and organic contaminates. Sounds almost to simply to work but the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) as been said to say that it is one of the very best ways to have clean water at home.

You may be asking how to I get activated charcoal. Many new home come with charcoal filters installed already in the kitchen faucet. But if you do not have one you can purchase them from almost any local home improvement store or online.

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