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Just because a couple is married does not mean that they are ready for a family. Having children is a great responsibility that not everyone is ready for. Those who are not will choose a form of birth control to protect themselves and ensure that their plan is postponed until they are emotionally and financially ready to have little ones running around the house.

The usual form of birth control used to be ‘the pill’. This was considered the most effective even though it has many side effects that most women hate to live with. Over time health research has expanded and there are many more options to choose from that are just as effective and most have different side effects. One of these newer forms of birth control is the birth control shot.

The birth control shot is a form of progesterone. Progesterone is a hormone that is produced by woman’s ovaries. The doctor will administer the shot through an injection in the upper part of the arm or in the buttock. It will be administered once every three months and will work to protect the woman from becoming pregnant.

The progesterone contained in the shot works to keep the woman from ovulating or releasing one of her eggs during her menstrual period. When a woman is not allowed to ovulate she has no way of fertilizing the egg because it is not there.

This method of birth control is considered to be extremely effective. During the time span of one year less than three out of a hundred couples who used the birth control shot once every three months were able to get pregnant. That is because the risk of becoming pregnant will increase if you wait more than three months to obtain the shot. The risk of getting pregnant may also be dependent upon medical conditions, medications, and other factors that might affect the woman’s body.

Like with any type of birth control there are certain birth control side effects that woman should be made aware of. The most common birth control symptoms to consider is a change during their menstrual cycle, weight gain, tender breasts, and depression. The FDA believes that woman who continue to take the birth control shot very many years may suffer from loss of bone density. This can be recovered after they have ceased using the shot.

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