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Camping is a great way for families together and for everyone to enjoy the beauty of the outside world that is often hidden behind skyscrapers, malls, and supermarkets. It allows us for one week or even one day to live in the wild and to be more free then we could ever imagine. This includes catching our own food (if we try), swimming in the river, cooking on the fire, and sleeping in tents.

For many of us the tents are the essential item to have on hand and as such we want to make sure that we spend enough money on them. It won’t do us any good to purchase something that is cheap if it is going to be ruined by the rough ground. But price is not the only thing we have to consider. We must find a tent that is the right size and the right material.

One Person Tents

The one person tents are the smallest types that you will find. Obviously they only fit one person and possibly a few of their items inside of it. These are good to get if you like your personal space and don’t want to partner up with someone. It is best to purchase one of these that is made with nylon and that has inflatable parts. These parts often help to give it the support that it needs – but because it is inflatable it will be quicker and easier to set it up.

Canvas Cabin Tents

Canvas cabin tents are much larger tents and are more ideal for smaller families who are out camping together or for small groups of people. The great thing about these is that they are designed to have rooms that will help to provide people with privacy. They are also designed with canvas. This material is perfect to use during the summer because it will not soak the heat from the sun.

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