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Hiking is a great way to exercise while exploring the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Many people love to hike alone or in a group for this reason and they enjoy it even more when they go somewhere they have never been before. It doesn’t take long for us to realize that finding the perfect trails to hike on in an area that we have never been is difficult.

If you hike on a regular basis and are willing to travel miles to see new sites and trails than you should consider signing up to a database site. These sites like will provide you with information on thousands of trails around the country. These trails will be as long or short as you might want and used for backpacking or just for a day walk. They will provide you with the necessary reviews on what they are like and maps on how to get to them.

Those of you who are just looking for a great trail that you and your kids will enjoy for your next camping vacation should spend less money and try to find a much smaller site or even a book on trails. One of the easiest methods is to visit the state park website that you will be in. this will provide you with a list of their famous and most popular hiking trails and any monuments or scenic attractions you might find on them.

Your local government website will also provide this information to you as well as the local parks in your area. In most cases they will only provide information on trails that are on preserved land or special ones that you cannot find on the state park site or even in the local guide books.

When all else fails you can simply rough it and use your local map. On a county or detailed state map any parks, preserved lands, and state forests will be green. When you find these it is often easy to find the trails around them.

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