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Trailers are something that many of us have around. This is because we might need to move furniture spur of the moment for ourselves or for people that we know. After years of moving and getting stuck in a bind because we had to rely on other people this was something that we finally invested in.

In most cases these trailers usually connect to our trucks through a specific type of trailer ball and hitch – but there is another way in which they can connect. This is through the use of a trailer trapper.

This is a fairly new invention from Marineovations that was designed to help reduce the amount of accident that are caused when the trailer is separated from the trailer ball and hitch. It is sad to know that this happens frequently in certain places due to faulty hitches, excessive weight, or merely installing it improperly.

The trailer trapper works by attaching to the ball and hitch and will lock itself firmly into place. This prevents the trailer from ever having a chance to detach itself for whatever reason and to keep everyone on the road safe. Along with the trapper you will receive a Vshaped guide that will help make it easier for the driver back up and guide the hitch directly onto the trailer ball.

It also comes available with a special light that is helpful when you are trying to connect in while it is dark outside or in a dark area. Many people find that this feature is also helpful for when they need to repair the back of the truck at all. Because it installs directly into the trailer hitch there is no need for someone to hold the light for you and to keep it steady.

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