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While not for everybody, removing chest hair can help to improve your appearance and hygiene. Whether you have a large amount of it, you’re preparing for a bodybuilding competition, or you just want to surprise your partner with a new clean look – shaving your chest hair is probably the best option.

Sure, there are other ways to get rid of that unwanted hair – waxing, laser removal, electrolysis, Nair and other creams are just a few examples. However, by far the easiest method is by shaving it off. Razors are inexpensive, every adult knows how to shave and the results are immediate and painless (unless you cut yourself, more on that later). While the results aren’t permanent, using a shaver will provide the results you’re after right away.

Chest Shaving Tips

Use shaving cream.This should be a no-brainer, but not everybody listens. To reduce cuts and keep the skin smooth, use some sort of shave cream. This also lubricates the razor for a cleaner cut.

Shave down first, then up. This is important, especially if you’ve never shaved your chest before. While shaving against the hair will get you the closest shave possible – it’s also the easiest way to get cut. First, shave along the same direction as the hair grows, then once it’s short shave back the other direction for a silky smooth finish.

Shave slowly. This is especially important if you have done this before. You want to make your strokes soft, slow and deliberate. Also, try to go over each area only twice – once down and another up against the grain as we’ve already mentioned.

Be careful around the nipples. Do I really need to say that? You really shouldn’t try to shave your nipple area, if you’ve got a few stragglers pluck them out with tweezers. Yes, it’ll hurt – but not as much as cutting your nipple. There are lots of nerves there and it’s a very sensitive area.

After You Shave

After shaving, I’d highly recommend using some sort of aftershave or lotion. Doing so will help to ensure you don’t break out or stay irritated for very long. If you followed the advice above, your skin should be fine but for those new to shaving or with sensitive skin you definately want to do this. By shaving often this will become easier and more comfortable. Congratulations, your skin should be smooth for at least a couple days, or longer depending on how fast your chest hair grows.

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