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Whether you feel safe inside your home, in your neighborhood and in your town really doesn’t affect your chances of experiencing an unauthorized entry. That’s a nice way to say “break-in” or “home invasion” – both of which are a home owner’s worst fear. With the current recession, lost jobs and struggling economy – cases of illegal home entries have increased dramatically over the past few years and door security system innovation has as well. You don’t want to be next, especially if asset protection is important to you.

And don’t think door security is important to just houses, break-ins at business offices and shops have risen significantly in recent years. This includes things like robbery, burglary and break-ins. There are many solutions available, for pretty much any and every scenario and work surprisingly well minimize the chance going through something bad happening. This includes all types of doors, including regular wood, plastic, metal doors and even glass or fiberglass.

Types Of Door Security Systems

There are a few main ways of securing doors, and we’ll look at a few of those here in this article. They include everything from regular keypad codes to laser technology and advanced biometric fingerprinting systems. In the past, small wired or wireless door sensors were all that let your alarm system know whether the door is open or closed. Not so anymore.

High-security government agencies often employ the more advanced technologies, namely fingerprint matching access and even ultra high tech scanning of an authorized user’s eye iris patterns. These systems are very expensive and highly customized, thus aren’t for everyone.

Laser technology, on the other hand, is much more affordable. Much like the sensors in your home garage to make sure the door won’t close on anybody, an invisible beam around your door can be set to go off if it opens. This is more secure because it can’t easily be faked from the outside like magnetic sensors can that typically are used with inexpensive home systems. Motion sensors can also be integrated into doors, where-as the opening and closing trigger movement sensors to alert a keypad or control center.

As you can see, there are many technologies available aside from the standard everyday keypads and magnetic door sensors. If you and your home or business demand security that you can rely on, you might want to consider contacting your local security provider and ask if they offer any of these door systems. The protection of your safety and valuables will thank you for it.

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