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Looking to freshen up the look of your outdated home, or are you wanting to save money on your heating and cooling bills? Did you know replacing your old, cheap windows is a great way to both improve the look of your home and save alot of money on your energy costs?

Now, before you go hiring a crew (or, gasp, doing it yourself) and start tearing out windows – there’s a few things you should know before getting started. Namely, it comes down to choosing the right replacement window for the job.

5 Tips For Buying Replacement Windows

Do your homework. This sounds obvious but really - this is a major investment and you probably don’t ever want to replace another window again. This is where these tips come in, read on.

Buy windows with only premium-grade vinyl frames and sashes. Some major advancements in technology have been made over the past few years which have made vinyl the absolute best material to use when it comes to low maintenance costs, durability and energy efficiency.

Go with “custom Made” windows. Really, even though they’re slightly more expensive than standard windows – most likely your home doesn’t use a “standard” size window in today’s building plans. Overall you’ll likely save money, since the installation will be faster and you won’t have to buy other materials to cover up the cosmetic repairs on the interior or exterior of your home.

Look for ENERGY STAR® rated windows. This is probably the most popular option if you’re looking to lower your monthly electric bill. As energy costs keep going up, your investment will begin to payoff in dividends. Also consider extra coatings designed to protect against UV light and unwanted outdoor sounds.

Purchase from a reliable, recommended dealer. Windows don’t usually go bad overnight. In fact, in the unlikely event you get a bad window, using a reputable company and their preferred local installer will insure your work will be covered under warranty if a replacement is necessary down the road.

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