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A pellet fire place insert or a pellet stove is a good alternative for those who do not want to use gas on their fireplaces. This can be easily installed into a fireplace and it combines the traditional look with the efficiency of a modern stove. There are pellet inserts which are only applicable for masonry fireplaces andĀ those that are approved in factory built metal fire places. But whatever kind of pellet stove you have, operating and maintaining it will not be a problem.

Using a pellet fireplace insert is very simple once you know the basics; first of course is starting up the fire. If it has an automatic ignition, just push the start button for releasing pellets into the burn pot and then, set off the self-igniter. For manual ignitions, you will need to apply an accepted gel or any solid starter material before you can light the pellets then wait until the flame gradually spreads. When fire is already present, adjustments on the air inlet can be done.

The pellet insert is now working nicely and you feel that it is warm enough already so you want to shut it down. Do it by plainly setting the control off or according to the operating instructions indicated in its manual, if you have one. Once it is off, the fuel feed stops flowed by the cooling down of the blowers and motors. However, during unexpected shutdown or power shortage, pellets might still continue on burning for a few minutes to several hours even after the fuel feed has stopped. This happens in some models and designs.

To avoid any difficulty, make sure to always keepĀ it clean. The air circulates around better when the fireplace is clean and that results to better combustion in the firebox. Maintaining it as dirt-free as possible is not a difficult task. You can do it yourself with the use of several simple tools like such as paper towels, cloths, a paint brush and a scraping rod. Every time you put in a new set of pellets in the hopper, try to clean the heat exchanger first. This will enable heat to move from the firebox faster. Use the paintbrush in cleaning dusts and ashes after you have shut the pellet fire place insert off. Small brushes and dusters are best for this job especially in getting the dirt that goes into the small cracks and spaces inside.

Remember to remove the pellets from the hopper if you are not going to use the equipment for a long period of time to avoid the accumulation of moisture inside. This will help maintain it’s working condition. Well, I suppose that’s the basics of what you need to know for the proper useage and maintance of thise integral part of your fireplace. Best of luck, and stay warm!

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