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Outdoor awnings are great to use when you are trying to keep yourself dry or stay cool during the summer and fall months. There are many different types of awnings that we are able to use and which are able to be attached to our RV, window, back porch, or swing. These are made with durable material that is resistant to water and are able to withstand high heat.

You are able to use these just as they are – but there are different outdoor awning accessories that you are able to purchase which will make using them easier for you. Although these accessories are not necessary they help to complete the look of where you are using them and also to protect them when they are not being used.

Outdoor Awning Mat

There are special mats that you are able to purchase which work well when you are using an outdoor awning on your RV. These mats will match the look of the awning and should be placed underneath it and at the entrance of the RV. It helps to provide people with a place to put their chairs and to keep you from tracking dirt into the RV.

Outdoor Awning Cover

When we are not using the awning it will either be taken down and stored in the garage or shed or it will be rolled up and onto or next to the roof of the home. Because of this we need to make sure that it is protected when it is not being used. There are special types of outdoor awning covers that we can purchase which will help to keep these protected.

These are also made with material that is lightweight but durable and strong. It helps to protect the outdoor awning from snow, rain, and the sun. When it is being stored in the garage it can protect it from dust and bugs from getting inside of it.

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