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When moving there are so many thing that we have to do and prepare for. One of the most important things that we forget to do is to prepare the new home. This is something that we don’t often have to worry about when it is a brand new home – but if it has been occupied by someone then you need to make sure you do things that will help to make it look presentable when you move in. Some of these things you might not have time to do – but it never hurts to try.


When moving cross country you are given the chance to start fresh in a new city, with a new job, and a new home. You also get to decorate this home in a way that you will love. Some people leave the home without painting the walls back to white like they should. The best time for you to change the color scheme to what you want it to be is when there is no furniture in the home to worry about.


Do you like the carpet or would you prefer something that looks newer and cleaner? This is your chance to change the carpeting to something that you will love. Maybe you can invest in something that is thicker and easier to clean. Or maybe you can remove it completely and install wood flooring.

Change Locks

You need to make sure that you are moving into a home that you know you and your family will be safe in. before you move in make sure that all of the locks have been changed and only you have the keys. You never know what kind of a person used to live in the house and if they gave all their keys back. Maybe now would be the best time to install a home security system.

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